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  • maflynn
    May 5, 11:45 AM
    It really isn't fair to compare the MBA to a netbook as all they have in common is size. And Widnows is worth its value to over a billion users too.

    The other thing to consider is usage. Many people who use a small laptop like the MBA or those listed are not looking for a powerhouse of a computer. Just a tool to surf, do some email or document creation. In that case a netbook is perfectly suited. Beside why spend > 1,000 when you can spend 300 that provides that level of functionality.

    I want to point out that I prefer OSX, and buy Macs (and have built a hackintosh). I'm not some anti-apple troll or anyhting.

    I base my purchase decisions on what fits my needs the best. There's a number of blind fanboy posts that knock anything thats non apple.

    Other computer makers produce good products and windows itself is a good OS. Just because it doesn't have that apple logo means its crap

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  • DeJ
    Mar 13, 03:28 PM
    All is well with my i4 (Verizon)

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  • Fuzzy14
    Dec 17, 07:34 AM
    Of course they don't. Most of them probably just want to be involved in the commotion, so they can put their hand up and say "yeah, I downloaded that track, suck it Cowell!"

    Yeah, I'm sure millionaire Cowell really cares. Whoever was the poor winner of the X-factor will be used and spat out by him regardless if he gets to no1 or not.

    Simon is an interesting character. He seems to have profited greatly off humiliating people on live television and has a unique position of capturing the attention of people on television, but also the airwaves.

    Yeah that just about sums it up.
    My only gripe that in in a normal year you need to sell 170,000-250,000 records to get Christmas number one, the X-factor single has already passed this mark so unfortunately it looks like more people have been buying it to prevent Rage winning. So Cowell wins either way, no such thing as bad publicity.

    Incidentally, I'm not savvy with reality TV (I prefer reality) or FaceSpace Books, I heard Zane Lowe play the song about a week ago and thought, what a classic, I haven't heard that for years and went out and downloaded it. I don't agree with the people saying it's not a good song, in 1992 Tom Morello's guitar playing was groundbreaking and the lyrics ideally suit this chart battle.

    But to paraphrase another Rage song, you can't rebel by buying something.

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  • tollickd
    Apr 2, 01:27 AM
    Here in Cyprus for my car Unleaded 98 is 1.31 a litre, yesterday i filled up and it cost me 40 Euros about 56.95$


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  • jongriff
    Oct 6, 11:09 AM
    Apps all run in the same format and screen size. Even the new retina display is only an enlargement of the original format, but shown at the higher resolution. Apps running on the iPad run at the native format, or specifically for the iPad format, which is different code.

    If Apple introduced a different sized screen, that would be a pain to the installed base and app developer. For this reason, I don't think it is true.

    Is it not possible that perhaps you could have a smaller screen with a higher pixel density than the 3G and thus the same resolution in order to prevent this issue?

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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 25, 10:16 AM
    sounds like some good stuff, ilife integration. and other integration to make Aperture more Mac integrated than just as a stand alone application. Good stuff

    I wish they'd update the laptops!

    hell Yeah!! new MBP please


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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 19, 09:50 AM
    Looks absolutely f... f... f... NO. TRUE. :D

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  • GeekLawyer
    Apr 21, 01:28 PM
    4S. I like the name, and it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous naming scheme (3GS). I guess we'll see a true iPhone 5 next summer.But then they would have to call it the iPhone 6.


    monster hunter wallpapers. monster hunter wallpapers. Monster Hunter Freedom 2; Monster Hunter Freedom 2. NorCalLights. Jan 5, 02:49 PM. It#39;s awesome not having spoilers.
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  • rainman::|:|
    Apr 3, 09:29 PM
    yes. very unhappy with it. I've spent a bit of time trying to customize it... get my toolbars all lined up, the preferences customized... and it's still crap. It seems like Apple is trying to simplify everything a wee bit too much here... I like being able to quickly set my fonts, tabs, margins, and just go. While they've clearly fixed some long-running mistakes from Appleworks, they're now centered around styles and templates... which, while well intentioned, are too cumbersome for my needs. Word suffers from the same problems but at least lets you quickly go if you're freeforming (changing attributes on-the-fly). I must admit Word is currently my processor of choice, tho I'm really hoping Pages gets better with revisions.

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  • melchior
    Jan 6, 05:31 PM
    still waiting for facebook to sync actual information like phone numbers and email addresses... now that would be handy!

    agreed. i wish there was a way to do this automatically.

    anyone know an app?


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  • Chef Medeski
    Nov 21, 07:15 PM
    "600 degrees" :eek: ...degrees what?
    600 Fahrenheit.... nah.... nothing gets that hot.
    600 Kelvin. whats that like 40 degress celsius. Nope.... 330 Celsius. :eek: Wow thats a lot

    But not as much as 600 CELSIUS :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Maybe he invented a system. :rolleyes:

    600F : Melting Point of Cadmium.
    600K: Melting Point of Lead.
    600C: Melting point of Aluminum (so thats why Apple switched from Titanium).

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  • Fotek2001
    Sep 1, 01:16 AM
    So when will us ADC select developers get our hands on a copy, that's what I'd like to know..?


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  • kazmac
    Apr 30, 06:24 PM
    Same resolution for the 13" > but these changes would be nice:

    8GB ram option
    larger SSD drive
    longer battery life > closer to the iPad (iPad has really spoiled me as far as battery life).

    and perhaps just a little lighter.

    If the RAM/Battery life bumps are in I'll reconsider, especially since my wrists are okay with the magic mouse and an Apple laptop > (why I didn't use my Magic Mouse with the Airs/Pros I tested over the last month > duh).

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  • Philberttheduck
    Oct 26, 11:50 PM
    I'm a Gmail fan.. woot. 2.7+GB

    So much for free .Mac in '07. ON TO .Mac '08!


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  • bwaltens
    Mar 6, 05:03 PM
    I'm thinking leaving work early on Friday and heading to the Southlake store will be a fun way to start off my weekend. I'm also hoping this isn't as crazy as an iPhone launch. I don't think it will be.

    what time do you think you'll get there? I'm thinking i will get there at 3 and be okay. I want a white 32 wifi

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  • JPark
    Apr 1, 09:44 AM
    I'm always amazed at how much work studios go to to keep people from watching their shows.


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  • abrooks
    Sep 25, 10:16 AM
    Some coverage here:

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  • leekohler
    Mar 11, 03:36 PM
    Um, you're not a breeder, right?

    That's why I need a muscle car. :) I need a guy magnet, and the 200 ain't gonna cut it. ;)

    I thought the same thing about the sebring, and wasn't very happy about the car at first, but absolutely fell in love with it. That was when I was single and before I had a kid. Anyway, I haven't seen a 200 in person yet, but the car it is replacing was butt-ugly.

    I liked the first Sebring convertible. It was a nice car.

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  • Iconoclysm
    Apr 21, 05:09 PM
    So, it's most likely they are going do these things.

    1. One device that will work on both VZ and AT&T network
    2. 32GB and 64G storage.
    3. 1080P recording with 8 megapixel camera
    4. A5 chip
    5. Maybe higher ram or maybe not.
    6. Throw in something new... like better gyroscope or something to just make iPhone 4 outdated, but nothing major.

    This is BS. It's not good enough, apple.

    Huh? What are you expecting? A Geiger Counter?

    Apr 1, 08:44 AM
    2011. People are still watching TV? Scary.

    Nov 14, 05:52 PM
    A slight warning about the caps replacement - Id recommend doing it carefully, you really dont want to ruin the board if you slip. Also check PDS slots still work post-op if/when you replace them :)

    I agree, chrismacguy. I should have said that removing them isn't particularly easy. Nor hand soldering tanalum caps. Experience is very handy. Too much heat and you can lift tracks. Too little heat and you can rip tracks from the board. :eek:

    May 5, 04:13 PM
    Microsoft and their ad campaigns are so dumb. Instead of trying to convince people to buy a pc instead of a mac they should be trying to sell Microsoft software to Mac owners.

    Nov 17, 05:44 PM

    Lam's success has not gone unnoticed, however, as he has now received a letter from a purported private investigator claiming that Lam is trafficking in stolen goods. Lam intends to secure the services of a lawyer to defend himself against any possible action.

    If the PI is from Apple, or WHEN Apple does get involved, I predict the kid will be on the Lam pretty quickly! (Sorry, couldn't resist!) :rolleyes:

    Mar 23, 01:50 PM
    License for $4?

    Apple should license it for *free*.