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  • goletastudio
    Oct 15, 01:47 PM
    New MacBooks are coming out this month.
    That's a fact.

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  • ctdonath
    Oct 6, 10:37 AM
    iPhone Nano - YEAH!

    I've got my iPad for all other iOS uses. Just want a Nano-sized widget to provide phone ability (esp. when not carrying the iPad). iPod Nano functionality & width/height, allow iPhone thickness, add cellphone module + Bluetooth.

    iPhone is overkill for me now in light of iPad ... but I still need a phone. Back to basics, repackage.

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  • Mistrblank
    Apr 5, 10:43 AM
    You all keep saying "they'll never do home button as capacitive because you could accidently rub it and tear you out of your movie/browsing/app/etc".

    What if it responded to the accelerometer as well? The latest gem is in Garageband which can register a soft touch to hard tap for instruments through the accelerometer. Honestly I wouldn't mind have a home button that was gesture responsive too. Start with your thumb on the home button, swipe up, right or left for functionality. Or perhaps the home button only responds when you swipe onto it.

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  • -SD-
    Apr 12, 01:29 PM
    Just downloaded the update and got Outlook to sync calendars with me iPhone :D I really have missed the ability to do that these past few weeks so I'm happy again.

    I'd really like 'Travel Time' adding back into Outlook appointments as I can't see why it was removed. I found that I used that quite a bit in Entourage '08.



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  • dkoralek
    Oct 11, 12:41 AM
    the both use the Intel Core microarchitecture technology, however they are branded differently

    on the left side, is the only place that Xeon was listed. There are 5 processors listed there, however on the top where the tabs are, there are only 4, there is no xeon

    something they taught in SAT's (i dont know if they still have this these days)
    Merom:Woodcrest = C2D:Xeon... they are at the same level, but not one under the other

    But weirdly, if you click the core 2 duo link on the Intel web page Xeons show up in the list (which vaguely blurs the lines). I assume that this is because some Conroes can be branded as Xeons and some as Desktop Core 2 Duos. In the end, I think we can all agree that Woodcrest Xeons, Conroes, and Meroms all share a common basic architecture (the core architecture) and that the Macpro was the first machine Apple shipped with the new architecture (with the iMac following).


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  • yahoohoo
    Apr 24, 09:46 AM
    Does anyone here know how to clear the recent history in Adobe illustrator?


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  • tmphoto
    Sep 27, 11:14 AM
    My EOS 400D works fine (in tethered mode as well as just transfering from the memory card)?

    Lucky you.
    5D, not so much.

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  • designgeek
    Jun 10, 12:11 PM
    Oh god PLEASE! I've already decided to hold off until this fall and get an iPhone as my birthday present to myself but Tmo would be the greatest gift ever!


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  • wrxguy
    Sep 18, 09:18 PM
    Is this a joke or what? Are people that work in retail different to the rest of us? Am I missing something here?
    its like hes wondering if they speak a different language lol...

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  • rdsaunders
    Oct 26, 06:30 PM
    Well what a day, Mac Expo the the Leopard launch i was pretty much at the front of the queue, well outside the Lacoste Shop anyway.

    For those of you who didn't get a t-shirt and want to see the product check out (

    My Leopard install is complete just letting Time Machine do its business now.

    I've got some shots inside the store I'll get them up on Flickr ASAP.


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  • rust0r
    Nov 18, 10:42 PM
    Never said I was Gandhi. My point is valid nonetheless.

    Though, it is with the assumption that if those people DIDN'T buy white kits, they would have given the money to the developing nations. ;)

    I understand what you're saying, the realist in me has just come to accept that this is the way the world has been, is, and will continue to be. 99% of people in developed nations will tell you how terrible is it that people live without clean drinking water, vaccination, etc, but if you asked them to give up one luxury in their life to contribute to fixing those injustices, they would not.

    It's the classic thing of how people complain about child labor, foreign works who are forced to work 16 hour shifts 7 days a week but still want their cheap and shoes at super low prices.That however is a completely separate debate.

    As for the kid in the news, I think it's amazing that he has set up this business for himself, most 17 year old kids today are too busy drinking, getting high and trying to bang everything possible. Even if he loses every penny he has profited through court costs, the amount of knowledge he has learned, and connections he will have will give him a great advantage in life (though he clearly already has one). If anything, the news coverage might get him some help or a job in the future, people love young kids like this who are able to do what he has done, legal or not.

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  • Liquorpuki
    Apr 8, 09:42 PM
    Sounds like a bunch of services your family doctor or gynecologist would be capable of performing.

    As for sex education, again, NOT THE JOB OF THE GOVERNMENT.

    I am sorry I don't agree with the government giving these services as free hand outs to people who don't have health insurance or can't foot the bill.

    Sorry I am not a fan of paying for other people's social services.

    Actually, I am not sorry.

    If that's your ideology, you're selling yourself short by focusing just on Planned Parenthood. Don't forget about medicaid, social security, public education, and disability. In the name of not wanting to pay for other peoples' social services, might as well kill those too


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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 22, 07:12 PM
    :confused: You're only making it sad.

    I have to. But nice machine anyway. I am not into motor cycles anyway, too loud for my taste. I am an avid cyclist though.

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 5, 09:53 AM
    I can see this.

    Take me and my gf- she works soon I'll have finished studying and be working full time. We won't need a full computer each. Get one mini/MB/MBA and two iPads for the same price as two MBPs.

    The iPad is much better for emails/web than computers in my opinion.


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  • DoNoHarm
    Mar 23, 06:26 PM
    ipod warriors.

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  • Tom B.
    Dec 16, 02:32 PM
    It's winning! I've bought it five times myself!

    Rage Against The Machine's Morello praises chart race

    Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello has said that beating the X Factor single to Christmas number one will be a "wonderful dose of anarchy".
    A Facebook group which aims to get the band's 1992 hit Killing In The Name to the top of the festive chart has attracted more than 750,000 members.
    Current figures show the song has sold 175,000 copies, compared to 110,000 for McElderry's single, The Climb.
    Morello told BBC 6 Music the support for his song was "heart warming".
    'Unexpected windfall'

    He told the station's breakfast show that the "rebel anthem song will transcend the Christmas holidays".
    He added: "The one thing about the X Factor show, much like our own American Idol, is if you're a viewer of the show you get to vote for one contestant or the other, but you don't really get to vote against the show itself until now."
    He added: "It's this machinery that puts forward a particular type of music which represents a particular kind of listener.

    "There are a lot of people who don't feel represented by it and this Christmas in the UK they're having their say."
    The guitarist said the single's position as a Christmas number one contender was an "unexpected windfall" and he plans to donate some of the proceeds to a charity which helps children progress their musical careers in the UK.
    "My hope is that one of the results of this whole Christmas season is there'll be a new generation of rockers who will take on the establishment with the music they write."
    Meanwhile, in an interview with music magazine NME, Simon Cowell - who is behind the X Factor single - said that the ITV1 show had "done everyone a favour" by adding some life to the festive charts.

    "I think we were getting to a point where [the Christmas chart] was all becoming like The Millennium Prayer, and I just didn't like that song."
    "I think we all have this belief that the Christmas number one was just amazing, a real special occasion, but actually when you look at them over recent years, it was Bob the Builder one year, Mr Blobby�there's a tradition of quite horrible songs.
    "I think I've done everyone a favour.
    "Shows like Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor have actually got people more interested in music again, and are sending more people into record stores. We haven't seen this kind of uplift in years."
    McElderry's single has been available to download since Monday, but physical copies go on sale on Wednesday.
    Record industry trade magazine Music Week said the release of the CD single was likely to give the X Factor winner "a massive boost".
    "While the singles market is now overwhelmingly made up of download sales, X Factor Christmas singles traditionally sell strongly on CD," it added.
    In recent years, winners of The X Factor have eased their way to the top of the Christmas chart. Last year's winner, Alexandra Burke, scored the biggest-selling single of 2008 with her cover version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.


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  • calcvita
    Apr 5, 06:05 PM
    Jeez - last time we had page after page of arguments about this silly NON ISSUE.

    Article (

    So Apple is probably already compatible with its USBA to 30 pin adaptor cable, and if not then a supplied Micro USB to 30 pin would be fine.

    ah, ok! thanks for pointing that out! allthough i'd preffer a micro usb port ;)

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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 10:55 AM
    The site has been updated!

    Good eye! Thanks for the heads up.

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  • asphalt-proof
    Oct 18, 08:09 AM
    This was the funniest thing I've read all week.

    I've been in insurance training, and in addition to financial people, there's been some, uh, "Desparate Housewives" getting their insurance licenses, and I'm picturing them passing around a poor phone and a bedazzler during class now. :eek:

    Apr 25, 09:19 AM
    Clever ;)

    Although I'm personally not a fan of using URL shorteners on forums where there's no character limit, I like seeing what website I'm about to go to, especially since I browse MR while at work. I don't want to click on a link that takes me to ;)

    Oh, I agree.

    In fact, my original "correction" was to use (url=Name of Link)http://whatever(/url), but apparently that code doesn't work on MR, and the filters still attacked the url. Odd. (Parenthesis for brackets, of course)

    Sep 25, 10:29 AM
    right now there is an "On-going demonstration about how metadata is stored even when some media is offline"

    Oct 6, 01:29 PM
    Two new models, a "high end" and a smaller "low end" model???

    Already exists. They are called the 8gb iPhone 3GS for $99, and the 32gb iPhone 4 for $299.

    Next year, there will be an iPhone 4 with 8gb for $99, and the iPhone 5 will take over the $199/$299 spots with new, fantastic features. :)

    How much cheaper does Apple need to make the phone to entice buyers? What can they do to make a more expensive phone for "high end" customers? Make it gold-plated, or possibly an iPhone with 24" spinner rims?

    I agree with everyone else here, Shaw Wu should stop being a fake analyst and get to work at his new, more appropriate job� asking me if I want fries with that.

    Apr 21, 01:29 PM
    Are they adding some decent controls though?

    Yeah... a slide out Joy stick! :rolleyes:

    Apr 3, 12:49 PM
    I couldn't agree more. There has to be a way to implement this. Though, getting the approval from APA, and MLA might be a problem. They want to sell their manuals, and this could, conceivably, cut into their sales.
    EndNote and the like don't seem to have a problem. Just imagine an open XML database of references that could be transformed into different citation and bibliography styles using XSLT with a super friendly front-end that can hide the complexity of XML and XSLT for most people, but still leaves all the flexibility there for those that want it, all integrated into Word.

    But back to Pages... I think this is an example of a really useful word processing feature that would absolutely ruin Pages. As soon as it tries to compete with Word, the product will be doomed. Apple needs to stay true to the conception of simple page layout app with some decent word-processing features. I still think the perfect comparison is to Microsoft Publisher on Windows. I could use something like that on the Mac.